Scholarship Process

Currently, scholarships are awarded as a one-time, first-year grant designed to help deserving students take that all-important first step toward their college education.

Even with the funds we have, the majority of Fannin County students who apply receive some type of scholarship assistance. But, as you can imagine, there’s still so much more we can do to ensure that no deserving Fannin County High School graduate is denied access to higher education due to financial need.

Scholarship Requirements

Graduating Student

Scholarship recipients must be members of the current graduating class at Fannin County High School.

Submit Application

All recipients must submit an application for scholarship funds through Fannin County High School and follow the procedures established by the guidance office for financial aid.

College Acceptance

All recipients must apply to and be accepted by a post-secondary school.

Application Selection

Recipients are selected by the Fannin County High School Scholarship Selection Committee, which include two members of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selection is by a formal point system based primarily on economic need and academics, but extracurricular activities are also considered along with the recommendations of the faculty and staff on the Committee. Scholarship donors may suggest criteria for the selection of recipients for their scholarship funds, but the actual selection of recipients is determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Scholarship Disbursing

Scholarship checks are made payable to both the scholarship recipient and the student’s chosen school.